Many times,  consumers often have similar questions at all different stages of their vehicle purchase.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to call one of our dedicated sales associates.

1.) What does "No Haggle, No Hassle" Pricing mean?

In 2003, Bourne's Auto Center, decided to go to a fixed pricing model.  The internet plays a strong role in consumer's research and when pricing we determined that the best way to maximize sales was to market our best price on the internet.  This means, that the price listed is the price customers pay.  We do not negotiate from the price listed on our website.  This also allows us to process the transaction with our customer much quicker than most dealers.  The back and forth negotiation process is quite time consuming.  We always say, just because you negotiated, doesn't mean you got a good deal.

2.) Where do you obtain your vehicles from?

Our vehicles are hand selected through a wide variety of sources.  A portion of our vehicles are purchased from lease companies such as Mercedes Benz Financial, Nissan Infiniti Lease Trust, Honda Finance, GMAC, Ally Financial and more!  As one of the largest purchasers of used vehicles in the Northeast with unlimited purchasing ability, many new car dealers use Bourne's Auto Center to source their non-brand trade in vehicles. This is where we are able to source many of our one owner dealer maintained vehicles. Also, we may find vehicles that are bank repossessions, direct purchase from individuals, or off rental or corporate fleet.

3.) What other fees can I expect in additional to the "No Haggle Price"?

The other fees include taxes, title and registration and documentation charges.  Massachusetts collects 6.25% of the sales price of the vehicle from all customers.  The State of Massachusetts also charges $75 to title a vehicle, new plates are $60 and to transfer plates is $25.  There is a $5 Title Transfer service charge.  If you live out of state, we will submit the tax documents to the Department of Revenue and provide you with proof of taxes paid.  You will BE RESPONSIBLE for any additional taxes (over the 6.25%) in the state you reside.  If your vehicle is registered in Massachusetts, you will need to have a state inspection done within 7 days of your purchase, this is not included or provided by Bourne's Auto Center.  The cost of the Massachusetts state inspection is $35.

4.) How much is your standard documentation fee and what does it cover?

Our standard documentation fee is $479.  This is non-negotiable and every customer is required to pay it in accordance with compliance law.  It includes, but is not limited to, Administering 3 day Refund and Exchange policy, In House Notary Fees, Next Day Mailing for Payoffs, Mailing of Transfer Registrations, Carfax Vehicle History Report Provided for Every Vehicle, Assisting Customer in Notifying Their Insurance Company of the New Vehicle Purchase and Obtaining Courtesy Stamps or Original Insurance Stamps as Required by the State of Massachusetts, Duplicate Title Applications for Lost Trade Titles, Storing Hard Copies of Archived Files as Required by Law, Compliance, Patriot Act and Privacy Act, Required Insurance for unaccompanied Test Drives , Computer and Internet Security,  Verifying Customer Identity and Fraud Protection, Disposition of Trades, Administering Extended Warranties, LoJack, Gap Insurance, Tire and Wheel Protection.

5.)  Do you accept trade-in's?

YES!!!!!  We accept all vehicles, any age, condition, and miles.  Even if you do not purchase your vehicle from us we will purchase your vehicle from you!

6.)  What is your standard warranty on used vehicles?

Each of our vehicles, regardless of the mileage, will come with a 90 day 3,750 mile standard warranty.  It covers the following items:
  • Engine System: engine stock, engine head, flywheel, rotor housings, and lubricated parts including the oil pan; valve covers, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil water, and fuel delivery pump, fan and fan clutch, engine mounts; rotors; all internally lubricated parts of a rotary engine.
  • Automatic or Standard Transmission/Transfer Case System: Transmission Case, torque converter and all internal parts including flex plate; transmission mounts; oil pan.
  • Drive Axle System(Front and Rear): Drive axle housings and all internal parts contained within the drive axle housing(front and rear), axle shafts, propeller shafts, and constant velocity or universal joints.
  • Brake System: Master Cylinder, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders, hydraulic line and fittings, disk brake calipers.
  • Electrical System: alternator, generator, starter and ignition system excluding battery.
  • Steering System: the steering gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, valve body, piston AM rack.
  • Radiator.
7.)  Do you accept credit cards for vehicle purchases?

We will accept up to $2,000 (in total) on a credit card toward a vehicle purchase. 

8.) What is your policy on deposits and holding vehicles?

Phone Deposits: 
Bourne's Auto Center will take a $300 credit card deposit over the phone to hold a vehicle for 24 hours.  If the customer cannot come within 24 hours, they are to call back within 24 hours of their expected arrival and leave a deposit.  After 24 hours the vehicle will be placed back on the lot, available for sale. On Saturday's, if the customer cannot make it during that day of business, we cannot take a phone deposit. At the end of the business day, if the vehicle is not sold, we can take a phone deposit at that time. 

Showroom Deposit: 
Bourne's Auto Center will hold a vehicle for 48 hours with a $300 deposit. If the vehicle is not paid in full within 48 hours, the $300 deposit will be refunded and the vehicle will be re-listed for sale. 

Mechanic Checks: 
Under no circumstance is a customer allowed to take a vehicle to a mechanic check without a deposit and signed purchase agreement.  

9.) Do you provide an additional key with every vehicle? 

Beginning in 2014 we began providing an additional key for every vehicle we sold. We continued this through October 2015, and the total expenditure over that 18 month period eclipsed $300K. Due to the fact that we are not a franchised dealer and have a large inventory, it became more and more difficult to coordinate and monitor having keys cut and programmed for every vehicle.

There were many instances that we were having keys cut for vehicles that already had additional keys.  We also experienced customers who were returning to get a third key. Some customers were unhappy returning to receive their spare keys, some of whom posted negative online reviews. Selling over 300 vehicles a month we could not possibly monitor which customers and vehicles had a spare key at delivery and which did not. 

After careful thought and consideration, we have decided that we are not able to offer an additional key to our customers. We will continue to price our vehicles competitively to the market and we promise to continue to deliver vehicles that are the highest quality from a mechanical and safety standpoint. 

Please ask your sales representative if there is an additional key for the vehicle that you are purchasing.  If there is not a spare key, we would be happy to get you our dealer cost for making an additional key. Please keep in mind that these are pre-owned vehicles and they are heavily discounted from a new vehicle. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. 

10.) Does every vehicle come with a full tank of gas? 

Each vehicle receives 12 gallons of fuel when it arrives to our dealership. 

11.) Do you put the inspection sticker on the vehicle? 

We do not obtain inspection stickers for our vehicles.  The cost of an inspection sticker in Massachusetts is $35.  We do not have an inspection license here at the dealership.  You have 7 days from the date of registration to obtain the sticker.  Our feeling is that it is important our customers have an independent inspection facility inspect every vehicle that we sell.


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